Company profile

At Ørskov Digital we are ready to make a special effort to reach your goals with your online business.

We are two young guys from Aarhus who have been working with digital marketing in seven years. We dare to think differently and to use the latest initiatives within digital marketing on Google, Facebook E-Mail and Instagram. From our experience we believe that the best results are reached with a strategy that is different to competitors. Eventually, this will give you the higheste ROAS on your ads.

We are interested in your business

Throughout the past years we have become acquainted with entrepreneurship and overall growth and optimisations of companies. Therefore, we are truly interested in hearing about your thoughts and ideas and how you think we should scale your business. We believe that the best partnerships consist in ongoing dialogue. Therefore, we always suggest a strategy telling you how to boost your business including which buttons to be pushed.

Cheap and measurable results

If you let us be part of your journey, you are not going to par an expensive consultant fee. In contrast you will pay a fair price that guarantees that we take care of your online business, ongoing monthly reports about latest performance together with your inclusion in strategic decisions. At Ørskov Digital there is no period of commitment. You pay per month and you can always cancel if you are not fully satisfied. We have never experienced that from client though. As described in our services we always set up conversion tracking which means that you know exactly what you get from your ad spend. We work hard to make sure that you get the highest ROAS (return on investment) on all of your ads that will scale your business significantly.

What our clients say

  • Cheaper than competitors
  • No period of commitment
  • Dare to think differently
  • Honest interest in your business
  • Honest passion about digital marketing

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