Cold Audiences

Your company targets a specific audience. Maybe you already have an idea of which segments you want to target when marketing your products on Facebook. We install a Facebook Pixel on your website that lets you track all the visitors who visit your website. If you have a webshop, we know exactly who have added your products to cart or who that have made a purchase. From the use of this data we can retarget these people in order to make sure that they make another purchase. In addition to this, Facebook offers an intelligent tool that lets us target people from interests, demographics, behavior etc. This allows us to target specific micro segments in a specific area with people who are most likely to purchase your product. Therefore, it is very cheap to use Facebook as a digital marketing channel.


As mentioned above, by use of the Facebook Pixel we can retarget people who have visited your website. Whether you sell your products through B2B direct sales, through an e-commerce webshop or by phone call it is crucial to remind visitors that your product is the best. A lot of people use the same ad as part of their retargeting funnel but at Ørskov Digital, we create different flows which means your visitors will be exposed to different content. Retargeting has shown to be very efficient when set up correctly. We experience client who get more than 50 times in return of their sales from retargeting campaigns.

Sequential Retargeting

When we say that we use different content as part of our retargeting flow, what exactly do we mean? In 2019, it is required to make between 5 to 7 touchpoints before closing a sale. It means that it is not often enough to expose a visitor to a message once; it often takes more times. If the message is the same, the visitor gets bored and loses interest. Therefore, we always expose different content to different people depending on the last time they have visited the website. From our data, we see retargeting between 1-7 days provides the highest Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) whereas days after provides a lower ROAS, but it makes sure to convert more visitors instead of losing them.


Before starting to use Facebook Ads for your website, it is important to reflect on the goal of your marketing initiative. Questions to ask yourself could be similar to these:

  • Do I want to increase the awareness of my brand?
  • Should I focus on making sales on my webshop?
  • Would it be smart to generate some data before trying to make sales?

We have years of experience figuring this out. We always carefully plan a strategy that is suitable for your unique business. We are not scared to think differently because we know that thinking differently will save you a lot of money. Therefore, we squeeze marketing lemons!



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