Google is usually an intelligent tool to use if you want to find new and relevant customers in a given market. When people search on Google they are already further down in the decision proces. They have realised that they have a need of a product or service and therefore they are likely to make a purchase. Your, and our, task is to convince the visitor that only your website and your product that he or she should visit and purchase. When the visitor has visited your website we use other channels to remind the person that he or she should make an order from your website. This can be through Dynamic Retargeting on Facebook or Instagram, Dynamic Display Remarketing in Google and through emails.

Keyword analysis

Before we start anything we always make a keyword analysis of relevant keywords for your business and/or for your products. For example if you sell t-shirts, we will find keywords with high search volumen and cheap click prices. That entails that you won’t compete against competitors with products that you do not even sell. Instead you will rate on Google whenever you have a product that matches they search. In that way you are guaranteed the highest return on investment as possible.

Display ads

Google has a lot of data that we use to create precise audiences. For example, if you sell gardening equipment we can target persons who are interested in gardening and therefore often visit website or read blogs about just that. Thereby, we will set up display- or video ads that will be exposed when the people visit those websites. With the right messages you will obtain effecting advertising.

Dynamic display ads

Have you ever experienced this: you visit a website, add a product to cart but because of the fact that you were busy you forgot to complete the purchase? Afterwards you are spammed with the eaxct product that you did not purchase? This is the essence of dynamic display ads. By only targeting persons who have added a product to cart without purchaing it you will target persons who are surprinsingly close to making a purchase. Therefore, this is really effective!

Google Shopping

When you search for products on Google, products will shop up on the top first page right below the search field. These display ads are called ”Google Shopping”. On these ads you can see who the seller is, the price for the price and more information. This means that when people click they are already aware of important factors such as price, product and the seller. Therefore, the conversion rate – the amount of sales divided with the amount of visitors – is usually really high for the types of ads. If you own a webshop this is crucial to maintain a competitive advantage on the market!




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